• Impartiality Declaration

As KingCert, we declare and undertake that;

Our auditing and certification activities are designed to ensure that we are at an equal distance to all parties involved and that we are not closer to any party,

Along with our employees, we will not engage in any business, financial, administrative or any other activity that could impair the independence and impartiality of auditing and certification activities and the independence and impartiality of the audit and certification decisions and the independence, impartiality and objectivity of our work,

Our management system and financial management are created and implemented to ensure and sustain the impartiality of our activities and all other activities,

Our employees continue to operate away from the worry of any material or other conflict of interest,

We assume that we are committed to the absence of any commercial or other relationship that could cause conflict  of interest with our pre-audit customers to be made from our members of the contracted control team,

We are not concerned with the financial gains obtained by decisions made by all of our audit team members and certification decision makers,

KingCert or any personnel working full time shall not recommend and provide all kinds of consultancy services (risk and hazard analysis consultancy, ISMS and GSMS consultancy, management system consultancy etc.) to organizations,

The consulting activities are not conducted within the scope of our related activities so as not to cause any conflict of interest that may damage our impartiality,

That all of these are guaranteed by our corporate policy, procedures, committees, understanding, working style, values, contracts we have made and this document.

General Manager

Rev. 12.12.2018 / 01