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CE Mark / Certificate

It is a sign of unity indicating that the products covered by the New Approach Directives prepared within the scope of the New Approach Policy adopted by the European Union in 1985 within the framework of the harmonization of the technical legislation are in compliance with these directives and passed all necessary conformity assessment activities.

It is an authorization which gives the right of free movement of products with CE mark in the European market.

In other words, the CE mark is the passport of the product.

CE is the abbreviation of form Conformité Européenne, which is originally a French word. The English equivalent is “European Conformity”.

CE marking of a product identified; health conditions, safety conditions, consumer protection and environmental protection requirements, and that the manufacturer complies with these requirements.

A product bearing the CE marking meaning; human safety, life and property safety, human health, environmental protection, energy saving.

Producers must have CE marking in order to sell their products in European Union countries.

Is CE Mark Required for my product?
According to the directives issued by the European Union, if there is a directive that applies to your product, it should be inspected, and you may need to obtain the CE mark

The CE mark applies only to products covered by the directives issued by the European Union. CE marking is not required for products outside the scope of the Directive.

Relevant European Union Directives:
* Low voltage directive
* Simple pressure vessels directive
* Toys directive
* Construction materials directive
* Electromagnetic compatibility directive
* Machinery directive
* Personal protection equipment directive
* Non-automatic weighing instruments directive
* Directive on implantable active medical devices
* Regulation on gas-burning devices
* Eco-design - Hot water boilers directive
* Directive on explosives for civil purposes
* Medical devices directive
* Equipment directive used in explosive environments
* Excursion Yachts Directive
* Elevators directive
* Pressure devices directive
* Medical diagnostic equipment directive
* Radio telecommunications terminal equipment directive
* Packaging and packaging waste directive
* Wiring installations for element transportation
* Chemicals
* Cosmetics
* Eco-design and energy labeling
* Measuring devices

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