• Quality Policy

KingCert continues to offer its services, taking into account the needs of all relevant parties.

The importance of impartiality in the conduct of certification activities has been adopted by all employees. The security required to ensure the objectivity of all certification activities has been established.

The risks of conflicting interests where KingCert might be involved are managed.

All services are provided within the framework of legal requirements and accreditation legislation.

To provide these, our quality policy is;

  • Offering our services in terms of equal procedures to all institutions,
  • Employing qualified and sufficient staff and improve their qualifications continuously,
  • Following up current developments related to certification activities and informing relative parties,
  • Implementing our audit operations according to content of accreditation standards,
  • Sensitive to the protection of environment and neutral resources and to share this understanding with relative parties,
  • Adopting the principle of continuous improvement.

General Manager